Cradle to Grave

Making a stand against the systematic abuse of human rights

All donations will go towards funding the Poster in every Town and City in UK highlighting the threat to our welfare state and will encourage action to protect it.

Grassroots Campaigners, Black Triangle Campaign and Cross Border Alliance have come together to highlight the Violation and Systematic Abuse of Human Rights of those unfortunately relying on the state for health and financial assistance.

Time is running out to save our NHS, Social Security, Pensions and Public Services for future generations to come. Currently our Health and Public Services are overrun by an ideology where money and profits come before lives. This ideology originated from private insurance companies in the United States of America, whose aim was to privatise everything in their path at a cost to every Man, Woman and Child.
This ideology has to Stop now within the UK!

On this website you will find Independent Academic Research which highlights the inequality in society and evidence based reports by those on the frontline.
Help us spread the word, read reports, become a supporter or help fund our campaign.

“I support the aims of the campaign which is part of a growing movement to protect our basic services.”
- Ken Loach

“On average disabled people suffered six times more from the austerity cuts than any other sector of society.”
- Paul Laverty - Screenwriter


Cash Not Care: The planned demolition of the UK welfare state

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